There will be a Xbox One Advanced Warfare FFA Tourney on Saturday 4/25 starting @ 9pm est sponsored by DHG BARTENDER. Prizes are: 1st_$40, 2nd_$20, 3rd_$10. ADD DHG TOURNEY7 to sign up.

DHG Messiah o Lol ...
DHG Messiah o OMG Good Luck bro!!!
Nova DHG Going to buy this game just to win this tourney and prove to people that Halo players are better than Cod players at Cod

There is a Forge Contest currently going on in Master Chief Collection. There are 3 types of maps that can be submitted. The Prizes are $30 for slayer based maps, $30 for objective based maps, and $30 for fun game maps. The Winners will be decided on Saturday April 25, 2015. Add DHG TOURNEY3 to enter this contest. Judging will starting at 7pm est.  

DHG Jericho a you can! from what I understand, anyway.
DHG SNAFU Is this contest only for DHG members on the mcc or can we get in on it beings im in the halo4 division???

There will be a Xbox 360 Advanced Warfare FFA Tourney on Saturday 4/18 starting @ 7pm est sponsored by DHG BARTENDER. Prizes are: 1st_$40, 2nd_$30, 3rd_$20, 4th_$10, 5th_$10, 6th_$10. ADD DHG TOURNEY4, DHG TOURNEY5, or DHG TOURNEY6 to sign up .


1st - DHG Bionic, 2nd - DHG Wise Legend, 3rd - DHG SuPeRiOr, 4th - DHG ThorTyme, 5th - DHG DYNAMIC,

6th - DHG ExaMpL

DHG SUPERIOR a The tournament will start momentarily. Please be aware we are dealing with a large group of people and a small amount of ...
DHG SHORT FUSED sounds cool
DHG Optimistic I want to transfer divisions from halo 4 to cod advanced warfare . I need to speak to a cod officer
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