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DHG Beatle These are so cool!
Destiny divisions are now starting to open. To transfer or gain info on this matter, please be sure you go through your chain of command. REMEMBER - break of chain could result in demotion. 
DHG MaNiC Tottttaaallllly worth it! Also, thanks for the Mythoclast fix Bungie. And Hello everyone! ...
User I miss Destiny, I sadly traded it in now i'm regretting it!
DHG S MONSTER I tried that Destiny game in the demo but I would love to get it. Allthough there will be new games for XBOX ONE in this ...
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hey everyone
Hey guys! If you guys have SOULCALIBUR V I'm doing this thing after 9:00 practice to where we get a group and we play SOULCALIBUR, message me on xbox: DHG Deadlock, if you're interested!
Merry Christmas everyone!! Happy New years!! Won't be on so i decided to wish everyone happy holidays early this year.
Gta 5 homing rockets to start off the day lol morning all
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